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*URGENT* Give 30 minutes to help Pakistan: we need volunteers to process the massive influx of data we are receiving from the field, through SMS direct reports, media monitoring, and partnerships with humanitarian organizations. All it takes is a few minutes and a few clicks to get this key data ready for the map. With your help, we can make sure relief reaches those who need it most. Scroll down to "Instructions" for more information, or click here.

Send us information: if you have access to a mobile phone, and have first-hand information about how the flood is affecting your situation, text 3441 and begin your message with "FL" for flood relief. At this time, we are not yet equipped to process urgent emergency information -- so please send only your location, observations, and current situation. We will relay this information to relief agencies as received. If you're in the field, please use our print materials to spread the word about PakReport.Org even further. Click for our sticker and for our card.

Spread our message: Text, e-mail, tweet, blog, or post information about PakReport wherever you can! It takes only a few moments, and helps us make sure we can pool as much useful information from as many sources as possible. Please help. Feel free to use our print materials to spread the word about PakReport.Org. Click for our sticker and for our card.

Help us with your time: If you would like to assist in designing multi-lingual brochures to spread the message of the 3441 short code, operations support, coordinating reports of incoming SMS and email messages, approving and mapping the reports coming from flood-affected areas, training humanitarian agencies in incident and report verification or spreading the word through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or other social media -- let us know! Contact us at

Help us with logistics: If you can help us with any of the following, we would be so grateful. Please contact us with your information at and we will get back to you. We need the following to set up a crisis center in Pakistan: spare laptops or computers; complete power backup; donations to support communication costs; team members, specifically hired members to verify and translate reports; or any technology infrastructure.

Help us identify the locations of messages and reports: If you have 5 minutes or more to spare, you can help us find the coordinates of a report and then add it to our maps. Instructions are below, and thanks!

Instructions for helping us process messages:

Before you start, please go to the Volunteers Google Group. There you can find useful information, maps and tips on how to help and detailed instructions.

Also before you start, please connect on Skype for initial training and any queries you may have. Please add ID "anahiii" in your contact list with the message that you want to volunteer for messages processing. She will add you to the Volunteers Skype Chat.

Now, you are ready to start:

There are two ways you can help us for now, and you can choose the one you prefer.

Method one, helping out with CROWDFLOWER: Mapping SMS and Assessments from the Field

1.Go to CrowdFlower and enter you e-mail address. You should be able to start right away! If it doesn't, just refresh your browser and insert your a-mail again.

2. You will see instructions on the top of the page and a number of options such as 'language','translation'. The original SMS will be at the top in square brackets, eg:

[ FL communities using un safe water resources (rivers,ponds) in thatta, sindh ]

(There might be a small number of empty or test messages - just click 'other' for language and Submit).

3. Messages beginning: "Initial Damage Assessment" are special type of messages where you only need to find the location:

3a. For these special type of messages, add these two categories:

3b. Copy the name of the village(s) into location name. If the message starts "Initial Damage Assessment: Kalo Sher (UC Mian Sahib)", then the village is called "Kalo Sher". Here, UC means "Union Council" the smallest regional division in Pakistan. The UCs are on almost all Google Maps, so if you are trying to find "Kalo Sher" you could search for "Mian Sahib" first.

3c. For all other messages starting with FL check the document called "CATEGORIES - EXPLANATION" in the Google Group to see how to categorize reports.

4. The latitude and longitude are very important. If you can see the location in the map, you just need to click on the map in the right place to generate them, but please try to make these as accurate as possible. Locations will often be vague or non-existent, so just do your best.

5. If you cannot find the place on the map, go to Google Map or to OpenStreet Map or to Maplandia and see if you can find the location there. In addition to those tools, you can also look at this page in the Google Group, which is constantly updated with maps and spreadsheets with GPS coordinates.

6. Ones you have submitted all the information, you can click on Submit Task.

7. If it says 'There are no more tasks right now', then thank you, you have helped process all the pending messages so far! Please check back later to see if more have come in. Otherwise you will see another page with another message ready to be mapped and categorized.

Method two, helping out with Media Monitoring: mapping information extracted from Media sources

1. Go to this spreadsheet and look at the instruction in the first page.

2. If you know already when you will be available to do Media Monitoring then you can just add your name in the schedule in the first page (no need to do two hours, if you don't have two hours just write your name in the slot and add into parenthesis the exact time)

3. If it is the first time you access the document, please go to sheet #2 and add you contact information there

4. To start monitoring go to sheet #3 and choose from the first column what Media you want to monitor. Please be sure you write your name in the row corresponding to the source you decide to monitor. The time is set on NYC time, so be sure to write your name in the right column. If you finish before your time slot (instead of doing 12-2, you do 12-1) ones you finish delete your name form the cell so that someone else looking at the spreadsheet knows that you are not monitoring anymore that source.

5. Ones you find a useful information (remember again to look at the categories we have in the Platform to understand what we are mapping and to look at the document called "CATEGORIES - EXPLANATION") you can extract the information and create a report here.

6. You need to create a title (better if it something short with location and main issue) and add a location and the category. Remember also to add the link to the source and, if there is, a picture.If the time of the event reported is different from the time you are submitting the report, please change time and date.

7. Ones you are done click submit and start with another one.

If you have any further questions then please contact:

Help support PakReport today!